I grew up with twin beds, so naturally I have a thing for them. There's a nostalgic familiarity to them, I suppose. Furniture can do that to me. Certain pieces of furniture hold significant places in my memories.

My childhood bedroom was blue toile. The beds were four poster. Made out of wood and painted a faint pistachio color, with delicate little flowers stenciled on the head and foot boards. The memory of those two beds live in a great place inside my mind. Summer nights that had no beginning or end. Just warm breezes, and an occasional car rolling down our shared driveway. The soft sound of a radio off in the distance. The beds represent safety and security that came with a special time in my childhood.

When I start a new design, I return to those places unconsciously. It's not something I set out to do. It just happens. I see something that triggers something and before I know it I'm connected to a place and time that had been forgotten about. And when that happens I don't look away. That connection is possibly the most honest part of me.

Sister Parish & Albert Hadley taken from our vault of bedroom inspiration.

Gingham Inspiration for Our House throwbeds.

Longleaf House, London UK - Designed by Melissa Wyndham.

Architectural Digest September, 2014 - Marella Agnelli.