Anyone who meets me figures out pretty quickly that I'm stark raving mad, but not in a violent "white padded cell” way (at least not yet.)   Don’t get me wrong, I'm pretty harmless, kind, and I'm absolutely fascinated with people so I try not to alienate them too much.  My nutsoness (new word) manifests in the way that I see and do things in my own way both personally and professionally.   Truth be told, the crazy-style looks good on people in history books but is certainly a double-edged sword.

The downside is that I’ll run myself into the ground through myopic self-neglect.  Go! Go! Go!  Do whatever it takes to keep the show on the road!.   The "I'll sleep when I'm dead” attitude is exhausting and can be lonely as hell.

However, the upside is that being nuts has a built in bonus component.  It’s that quality that makes me the entrepreneur that i am, right down to my DNA.   It drives me to succeed, to be seen and heard. I am driven to put something out into the world and leave a mark. A legacy. Lofty goals? I have no idea because I'm nuts.