Playa Grande Beach Hotel on the north shore of the Dominican Republic is the definition of luxury and glamour. In a day and age where the word ‘luxury’ is overused, and glamour is misunderstood, I can honestly say they nailed it. The entire experience was effortless, similar to what floating on a cloud must feel like. We took a small piece back with us. In our big, beautiful, deep-sea-blue tiled shower, was a scrub from a local company called JABONITOS. It’s so luxurious (there's that word again) that, after using it, your skin feels refreshingly exfoliated and absolutely no moisturizer is needed! It's a miracle for those of us with dry skin and if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a drop of "oil" In your gene pool, then it’s just plain sexy. We felt it was a great summer pairing with our oversized, chic linen towels. We want to offer you a small taste of the Dominican Republic and Playa Grande Beach Hotel in case you can't make it down there right away. However, we strongly advise you to add this piece of heaven to the top spot on your travel list. [Back to travel towels.]