Press Coverage
"A throwbed from HEDGEHOUSE will become an indispensible item in your home. I now keep an emergency stock for clients on my truck."
Fall Bedding Makeover / Ingenious Discovery
"Make the great outdoors even greater with fun, functional and fabulous ways to upgrade your al fresco space."
OPRAH QUARTERLY: Adam's Home Style Sheet
Oprah Quarterly - July 01, 2021
"8 AWESOME SMALL BUSINESSES TO SHOP THIS HOLIDAY SEASON: A throwbed to add a bit of extra cushion to just about anywhere… Like when you’re lounging poolside, going on a camping trip, or (safely) hosting a guest on the couch or floor. It can go outside on the lawn when the family decides to strike up the fire pit. They’re durable and meant to be lived on. So think spills, grass stains, and sunscreen residue. Whatever it is — just take off the cover and toss in the wash. Back to brand new."
THE SKIMM: 8 Awesome Small Businesses to Shop This Holiday Season
The Skimm
"I’m a big fan of Hedgehouse throwbeds because these portable down and microfiber loungers are comfy indoors or out and can even double as a makeshift headboard. The linen or cotton cover comes in more than a dozen patterns, but I’m partial to this sleek black-and-white one with a teensy pop of red in the tassel zipper."
APARTMENT THERAPY: These 12 Black-and-White Accents are Just What You Need for an Instant Room Refresh
Apartment Therapy
"They were expats living abroad when they bought this unwinterized home in the town where he spent childhood summers."
BOSTON GLOBE MAGAZINE: Transforming a Maine fixer-upper into a striking summer retreat
Boston Globe Magazine
"Every inch of these 4,500 square feet is designed for summertime living."
HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: This Lake Michigan House Was Built With Summertime In Mind
House Beautiful
" Have some fun with your outdoor space. Experiment with color through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, pots and planters. "
PENCIL SHAVINGS: Get More Out Of Your Patio
Pencil Shavings Studio
"Hedghouse Toulouse 14x26 Pillow in Charcoal"
Martha Stewart Living
"Look for ways to add comfort and luxury to your campsite."
LA TIMES WEEKEND: The outdoors are calling, and we’ve got ideas for ‘roughing it’ in style
LA Times Weekend
"Caribbean pink stripes make a cheerful statement on this oversize pillow, and its down-fiber stuffing feels extra-lofty."
MARTHA STEWART LIVING: Turn Your Patio Into a Cozy and Colorful Outdoor Lounge
Martha Stewart Living
"Oprah loves a big tote, and this canvas-and-leather style made in New York City’s Garment District is a must-have. The easy-to-access side pocket and 26-by-16-inch size make it perfect for short trips—or in our boss’s case, everyday errands."
OPRAH MAGAZINE: 17 Made-in-America Gifts We Love
Oprah Magazine
"Hedgehouse makes a large selection of Throwbeds in classic preppy patterns (think stripes, gingham, stars, and plaids"
REMODELISTA: 7 Favorites: Soft, Stylish Throwbeds
Remodelista - February 20, 2020
"Besides being super snug and made in New York City, this Throwbed has a linen cover that's machine washable and dryer-safe. Take it to the beach, the picnic, the playroom floor—it's a nap waiting to happen."
OPRAH MAGAZINE: 15 American-Made Things We Love
Oprah Magazine
"“They’re throwbeds,” Ms. Kirke said. “My friend Beata in L.A. makes them. You can bundle them up and take them to the beach. They look like those French mattresses from the turn of the century with the stripes, except they’re really soft and you can put them in a backpack and then bike off.”"
NEW YORK TIMES: Utility and Looks, in Bed Together
The New York Times
"Sign of the "We need to relax!" times: Deauville Pillow in Navy & Black"
HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: Trending - Get the Lowdown
House Beautiful
"Picture a world where every park, every beach, every living room floor has the potential to be turned into the world's most comfortable bed. Beata Henrichs, who started the company Hedgehouse, is making that her mission. We love snuggling up on her ultra-dreamy throwbeds, but in the interest of maxed-out comfort (in every aspect of our lives), we wanted her to share her know-how. "
ELLE: 8 Ways to Make a House Feel Like a Home
"Nothing beats porch sleep. A pair of cots outfitted with gauzy throwbeds (thin microfiber-and-feather cushions that stretch the length of the bed) create a comfy spot for alfresco snoozing. "
COASTAL LIVING: Beach Cottage Bliss
Coastal Living
"Lighter than a futon, more substantial than a sleeping bag, Hedgehouse throwbeds are portable, plop-down-anywhere cushions that look as at home on a window seat as rolled up in the back of a Wagoneer."
BOSTON GLOBE: Hedgehouse throwbeds, to go
The Boston Globe
"At the start of the summer a friend of mine in the US wrote to tell me about the beautiful throwbeds from a brand called Hedgehouse. I had never heard of this brand before, but one glance at the website and I was obsessed! The towels, the pillows… and most of all, the throwbeds! How perfect are they for sleepovers and travel?!"
BABYCCINO: Throwbeds from Hedgehouse
"One such element, the Hedgehouse throwbed, is my new obsession. It’s a down-filled, linen mattress that can be used indoors or outdoors for extra seating, or to make a sturdier piece of furniture more luxurious for guests."
RIP & TAN: Our Current Home Décor Obsession: The Hedgehouse Throwbed
Rip & Tan
"Hedgehouse sent over a couple new covers for my throwbeds and they’re transitioning from the porch to the boys’ room. Aren’t they fun layered together? These are the Toulouse blue wide stripe and the Toulouse ticking stripe. Makes me happy – just like the princess and the pea on my porch swing. I’ve dragged those throwbeds from the lake to the park and everywhere else in between."
PENCIL SHAVINGS: Ticking Stripes & Plaids: Fall Texture Inspo
Pencil Shavings Studio
"For overnight guests or curling up by the fire."
GOOP: The Host Gift Guide
"One look at Hedgehouse's signature product - the Throwbed - and you really just want to take a nap. The comfy, portable mattress, designed by Beata Henrichs is perfect for adventurous spirit aching to sleep under stars or the serial entertainer in need of an extra guest bed."
ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: Hedgehouse in New York's SoHo
Architectural Digest
"I’m completely obsessed with these roll up cushions that have revolutionized my lounging game. I’ve put them on lounge chairs, brought them to picnics, snuggled on the beach with Elin and passed out in our backyard while reading. But throwbeds aside their selection of pillows and blankets will make any textile junkie (like myself) swoon. "
COULD I HAVE THAT: 5 Essentials for Being a Lounge Lizard
Could I Have That
"There isn’t too much planning involved – I just pack up snacks (required with a toddler) and roll up my Hedgehouse throwbeds and head for one of the many beaches we have here. I love being able to relax on the cloud-like softness of mattresses made of down and feathers. And I don’t have to worry about sand since they have covers that can be cleaned."
SACRAMENTO STREET: Weekend Agenda: Embracing An Early Summer
Sacramento Street
"One of the biggest changes Amy made was brightening up the room’s color palette. For example, she recommended a light rug (its speckled wool and low pile make it easy to keep looking clean) and pale linen throw pillows to soften the dark sofa."
A CUP OF JO: Before and After: Living Room Makeover
A Cup of Jo
"Get the look... cottage."
DOMINO: Your Guide to a Stylish Home
"Lounge in style with beach towels in bold patterns and cool colors."
GARDEN & GUN: Inside A Perfect Beach Retreat
Garden & Gun
"An ode to one of my favorite finds, the Hedgehouse Throwbed. These things are pretty much the softest most lovely cushions you can imagine and are good pretty much anywhere. My kids love to throw them on the floor and lay on them. I love them on the ends of beds or on sofas."
LOOK LINGER LOVE: Hedgehouse Spotlight
Look Linger Love
"Love these striped throw beds. Invented by my friend Beata Heinrichs of Hedgehouse. Beata created these ingenious “beds” – long cushions wrapped in chic classic fabrics that can be rolled out on the floor, at the beach, in a garden…or anywhere. Comfy stylish summer lounging."
COCOCOZY: Fantastic Throwbeds
"I pieced together a hodgepodge rendition of my own that includes Hedgehouse’s life-changing headboard pillows and a collection of Serena & Lily sheets, duvet cover, and blanket—all done in navy and white with different line weights."
LONNY: A Rustic Yet Refined, Small-Space Bedroom Makeover
"I think this product is the coolest. There is so many different rooms you can use it in, and it can serve so many purposes. I got it thinking it would be a great extra bed for kids sleepovers, and it has been. It's also been great when the kids want to throw an impromptu camping trip in the backyard. "
MY SWEET SAVANNAH: Hedgehouse Throwbed
My Sweet Savannah
"A totable bedroll packed in a ticking striped shoulder bag. Perfect for summer lolling. LA designer Beata Henrichs-Lieb of Hedgehouse has created a handmade bedroll that can be slung into a hammock for cushier repose, over a camp bed for deeper sleep, and of course, rolled out for the last-minute sleepover."
REMODELISTA: Summer Slumbers: Hedgehouse Bedrolls
"Unexpected company or a cozy night around the fire? This throwbed is exactly what you need and exactly what it sounds like: a pillow-like blanket that creates instant comfort wherever it’s stuffed. These are made in the USA with linen, filled with a lightweight inner layer and are completely washable, so nap wherever and on whatever you please."
DARLING MAGAZINE: 2016 Gift Guide: The Splurge List
Darling Magazine
"The pouf is so over. Don't get us wrong, we still love to toss them around every now and then, sometimes as seating and sometimes as footrests. But, there is a new must-have cushion in town. The Throwbed. A hybrid between a mattress and a pouf, the Throwbed is long enough to sleep on, but comfy enough to cozy up under. "
MY DOMAINE: The New Pouf is Here!
My Domaine
"Outdoorsy purchases to snap up before the summer winds down."
WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE: August Shopping Standouts, From Cookouts To Camping
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