Daydreams of the comfortable life behind tall hedges sparked the idea for what was to become our first product.  The Throwbed was conceived to be comfortably sophisticated and sensibly chic.  A piece that, like a mirror, reflects your lifestyle—rather than defines it.

Hedgehouse is the family apartment in Paris, London, New York. It’s the beach shack, the suburban ranch, the studio apartment, country home, chalet, dorm room. The commonality is home, wherever that is, whomever we’re with. It’s where we want to be, where we feel most comfortable to be ourselves.

Hedgehouse conjures our warmest memories - the chicest homes in which we stayed, the fun and effortless lunches and dinners, the friends and family that enriched our lives. It’s the screen door slamming on the porch, hot tiles under your feet on the veranda, the hammock between the shady trees, the soft bed on which we dozed outside, the mulled wine we drank with friends during cold nights, the best sleepover we ever had.

Whether your taste is contemporary, country, traditional, rustic, eclectic or coastal, whether you’re a college student, a c-suite executive, a mother of five, or all of the above, the Throwbed, and all of our Hedgehouse products, transcend architecture & lifestyle and speak that universal language of home, ease, comfort, simplicity.

Combining quality and simplicity with total luxury and style, our chic, portable daybeds, pillows and home goods are designed for casual, lived-in homes where friends and family are always welcome.  

Life is complicated enough. Keep it simple.