I don't care if the bow isn't perfect, but it drives me nuts if the sheets and pillowcases are not a complete set. No dust ruffle? Unacceptable. The Roman shades are wonky when you draw them up? Not ok. Foam filling in pillows and cushions? Sorry, but No. Is that obsessive? I'm not sure;  that could just be taste. I do however know the way it makes me feel when those things are out of order. I feel out of order. I feel like they must be addressed immediately, and that is where it drifts from just being the way I like things into being obsessive.

My real obsessive behaviors are very obvious. For example, I read emails and texts hundreds of times, over and over long after they have been sent. I watch video clips hundreds of times. I find it hard to not hit "send". If I find a song I like or rediscover an old tune I'll play it continuously... Obsessively. I'm like a dog that hears the whine of a vacuum and goes nuts. I can't help myself. I'd like to say I do this for some intellectual pursuit. But really I think it just brings me some kind of comfort. They are all ways that I use to soothe myself. 

Now don't get me wrong, obsessive behavior works for me because I really can get some things done. And done well. But it can also work against me. It can be a massive time waster and even sometimes embarrassing if I get caught. 

As you can imagine the invention of the World Wide Web has really enabled this obsessive behavior, but the invention of the iPhone has brought me to my knees a few times.

When does it stop? It doesn't. Eventually I move onto some new clip or song, another email, a fresh text chain. Never to be looked at again. The objects of my obsessive behavior fading away like a school girl crush. 

Hell, I'll probably read this post over a few hundred times.


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