My daughter, who is 8, informed me that today is International Women’s Day. I had no idea. I've never heard of it before. The first thing I thought was, what’s the focus? How am I meant to celebrate it? It’s not like Martin Luther King Day or Presidents Day, where we can all join together and celebrate the life of some inspirational individual. I was stumped. I celebrate women every day, since our company is all women. My closest friends are women. I am a woman.  It sounds good to say though:  "International Women’s Day." 

So I started to think about my daughter and a story she wrote, on her own, for no reason. Not for school. She just came up with it and wrote it down. The story was about a quarter who is friends with a penny. The penny loves the quarter, but the quarter is not so sure about the penny because the penny is poor. The penny is not as rich as the quarter. But the quarter hangs around -- until it meets a nickel. And, without assigning any genders to her characters, my daughter illustrates through written word the complexities of human relationships. She covers judgement, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. It was quite remarkable to read, and I thought to myself, she is really going to be an interesting woman when she grows up. So I’m still not sure what March 8th, 2018 is about, but to me it’s another day where I get to be a woman, who gets to watch her daughter grow up to -- some day -- become a woman herself. And that is worth celebrating for sure. 


Louisa May Alcott

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