Kelly Corroon is the quintessential entrepreneur. She’s inquisitive, a risk-taker, has boundless energy, and never quits! She's a real gem and so are her products.

Kelly’s bags immediately attracted me. Her line is chic, simple, made for everyday yet always has an exciting twist (just like HH!) One of her most whimsical yet practical products is the Sungkay Bag, a dob kit meets makeup bag, that’s made of the same material used for puffer jackets. We are so excited to be giving these away with the purchase of our Cortina Black Minis. We can’t get enough of them!

On a side note (there’s always a side note), I met Kelly a few years back at NYNOW, our first tradeshow in NYC. She came into the booth and we chatted as though we’d know each other for years. Within a few minutes, she threw out the idea of cutting the Throwbed in half to make a new product that we ultimately called the ‘Mini!’ Actually, the Mini’s first name was the “Kelly Bed” but I may have been nervous about getting sued by Hermes. Ha!

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