For Spring... Seersucker!

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  • About #HHLife:  My partner, Jodi, has been dogging me to do a blog forever and, to be honest with you, I was like - why would I do that?  We have Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat?  Blogs seemed so out of date to me. I didn’t get it.  I finally saw the light when Jodi asked me what I was inspired by... [read more]


    A group of us decided to go out to Twentynine Palms for the New Year - the new millennium. The year 2000! What better place to be than in the desert if all hell breaks loose...[read more]


    It was the summer of 1983 and I had just turned 13. That summer, I went to St. Tropez with my best friend, her older brother, and her father, Edward. He took several rooms in a small hotel called the Le Yaca...[read more]

    •  IN STYLE  •

    My mother had style. I wouldn't say she had GREAT style -- so few people do – but she had a definite something all her own. The thing about her style was that she wasn't afraid to take risks...[read more]


    I had a friend who texted me one day, a friend whom I adored. I just loved everything about her. We shared a lot of similar qualities, and I felt like I could tell her anything - and I did. We were "soul sisters," if you will. But I always felt that she had this thing that she kept locked up...[read more]

    •  THE FEAR  •

    I have made so many mistakes. I make them daily, and can’t even begin to count them all. But generally, I have managed to shake off the humiliations and carry on. In the end, after some distance from whatever it was I blew in a major way, I can usually find the humor in it...[read more]


    It was the summer of 1989. I had graduated from high school a few weeks earlier, and I’d immediately left for L.A. As cliché as it sounds, the pull to leave my little hometown (NEW YORK CITY) and go west as soon as possible, to seek fame, fortune, never look back, etc. was strong. I was defenseless against the urge...[read more]

    •  LUXURY  •

    I dislike the word luxury, although, in my business, I sometimes catch myself using it. But Jodi and I agree, the word is so overused that it’s lost a lot of what it originally meant...[read more]


    I moved to Hawaii in 1992. It was the first in a succession of many false starts of getting my life going. I was flailing around all over the place, so I just kept trying things. Hawaii was the most extreme version of this, but one that, in hindsight, I probably got the most out of...[read more]


    Okay, so Justin McGuire. Tall. Strong. Square-jawed. Handsome. He was quiet, drove fast and had ice in his veins. He was the human manifestation of Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine.” He was a criminal, and I was in love with him for 12 hours...[read more]


    I’m always broke, because I can spend money like a you-know-what. Jodi always says, “Even when you’re poor, B, you’re rich.” It’s true. I have always had a fascination with the finer things in life - but not in a creepy way...[read more]


    Things are not always as the cropped image on Instagram would have you believe. Sometimes -- most times – there is a reality that exists beyond the crop...[read more]


    She is strong but vulnerable. Nurturing but tough. She is generous, empathetic, and caring. She is forgiving. She is flawed. She is soft, pretty and open. She is sometimes foolish but she is always honest...[read more]

    •  KIND OF BLUE  •

    I am no stranger to the blues. As a matter a fact, I have them right now! So I certainly know what it means to feel blue. And that’s what the blues are, a feeling. They are not a fact...[read more]

    •  THE GOODS & THE BADS  •

    Two summers ago I was headed to Positano with my children for a summer vacation. Now, normally, people who go to Positano have been there before or are passing through on tour or are on a honeymoon...[read more]


    OK, so it’s the mid-90s. I’m depressed but I don’t know it. I’d left Los Angeles with some vague plan of making a movie in Asbury Park, New Jersey and I was staying at my mother’s in Chelsea. The plans were loose at best...[read more]


    Last summer my family took a trip to a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just North of Sicily. It’s a lovely island and has a lovely name, but after a while I started to refer to it as The Rock.  Regardless of all its natural beauty, that’s exactly what it is: A rock... [read more]

    •  OUT OF TOUCH  •

    So I first got into this business through my love of textiles. I’d spent two years at FIT in their textile design school and loved it. It’s an excellent program and practically free to New York State residents. Somewhere during that time I had two children and moved back to LA with my husband... [read more]

    •  FAENA HOTEL  •

    I have never had a problem being alone. I enjoy it; in fact I need to be alone in order to be able to be around other people. And there is no better place for me to be alone than in a hotel... [read more]


    I remember once meeting someone who was allergic to cashmere. Allergic to cashmere? That just seems unfair. Like people who are allergic to chocolate. Come on! Bees I get. Peanuts ok. But cashmere... [read more]

    •  OBSESSION  •

    I don't care if the bow isn't perfect, but it drives me nuts if the sheets and pillowcases are not a complete set. No dust ruffle? Unacceptable. The Roman shades are wonky when you draw them up? Not ok. Foam filling in pillows and cushions? Sorry, but No. Is that obsessive? [read more]

    •  TWIN PEAKS  •

    I grew up with twin beds, so naturally I have a thing for them. There's a nostalgic familiarity to them, I suppose. Furniture can do that to me. Certain pieces of furniture hold significant places in my memories...[read more]


    Anyone who meets me figures out pretty quickly that I'm stark raving mad, but not in a violent "white padded cell” way (at least not yet.)   Don’t get me wrong, I'm pretty harmless, kind, and I'm absolutely fascinated with people so I try not to alienate them too much....[read more]


    Kelly Corroon is the quintessential entrepreneur. She’s inquisitive, a risk-taker, has boundless energy, and never quits! She's a real gem and so are her products...[read more]


    Velvet walks a fine line. Used in one way it evokes 60s and 70s rock & roll. But dark, dangerous night clubs, opium, and late nights are not really my look...[read more] 


    Not everything can be "wash and wear.” Some things are just delicate, and in order to preserve them they must be taken care of. When I met my future husband, Josh, he had a watch collection. I say "had" because we got rid of most of those timepieces. Let me explain...[read more] 


    The headboard cushion is a perfect example of the saying, "necessity is the mother of invention.” I had a beautiful king size headboard upholstered in a glazed chintz; chinoiserie with a koi fish motif...[read more]


    Playa Grande Beach Hotel on the north shore of the Dominican Republic is the definition of luxury and glamour. In a day and age where the word ‘luxury’ is overused, and glamour is misunderstood, I can honestly say they nailed it...[read more]