“The Hedgehouse Throwbed™, a fun chic cross of a mattress and pouf. Long enough to sleep on, soft and cozy enough to just flake out on.
I wanted to design something that had many purposes so as a consumer you get more for your money, with out compromising quality and style.

With an insert made up of Down and Fiber, the bed is super light weight and rolls up like a cinch. The covers are removable and machine washable. All of our textiles are of the finest quality. No synthetics here. Collect more than one cover! Every bed comes with a tote bag for easier portability. Basically, I want you to use the Throwbed™ in as many areas of your life as you can. Sleep overs, Floor Cushions, Garden Parties, Pool Parties, Beach Parties, Roof Tops, Camping, Decks, Guest Rooms, or just simply decorative. I hope you will give the Throwbed™ a try and have as much fun with it as I have. I am many things. So must my products be too!”

~ Beata Henrichs – Lieb