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We make our THROW PILLOWS impossibly plush by using a 17" x 17" cover with a 20" x 20" down and feather insert. These THROW PILLOWS come in all coordinating fabrics.


Deauville Heather and Charcoal - Throw Pillow
Deauville Heather and Charcoal
Deauville Lavender and Heather - Throw Pillow
Deauville Lavender and Heather
Deauville Red and Orange - Throw Pillow
Deauville Red and Orange
Deauville Navy and Black - Throw Pillow
Deauville Navy and Black


Cortina Coral - Throw Pillow
Cortina Coral
Cortina Cranberry - Throw Pillow
Cortina Cranberry
Cortina Rosso - Throw Pillow
Cortina Rosso
Cortina Nerro - Throw Pillow
Cortina Nerro
Cortina Lavender - Throw Pillow
Cortina Lavender


Toulouse Brun - Throw Pillow
Toulouse Brun
Toulouse Bleu - Throw Pillow
Toulouse Bleu
Toulouse Rouge - Throw Pillow
Toulouse Rouge


Mt. Elbrus - Throw Pillow
Mt. Elbrus