Beata Henrichs - Lieb


About Beata
Beata Henrichs-Lieb, is a native New Yorker who splits her time between there and LA. Beata’s unique aesthetic has been influenced by her extensive travels as well as style icons like Elsie DeWolf, Nancy Lancaster, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mario Buatta, Hutton Wilkinson, Renzo Mongiardino and Peter Marino.

About Hedgehouse
Based in New York, Hedgehouse is a lifestyle brand that combines European and American sensibilities. It’s chic, easy, and sophisticated though for everyday use.

About Throwbeds™

This down and fiber filled portable bed has a removable 100% linen or cotton cover that is machine washable and dryer safe. The bed comes rolled up in a coordinating tote with shoulder straps that make it easy to store or take on-the-go!

As its name implies, the Throwbed™ is meant to throw down anywhere a little extra comfort is needed – a bedroom for sleepovers, the beach, the roof, a park, over a chaise or maybe even a chair that’s seen better days.

Throwbeds rolled


How to use a Throwbed™
The bed is meant to be used as its name implies to just “throw down” anywhere. Indoor or outdoor, country or urban. You will find a useful place for this chic little bed.

Here are some suggestions:

Take it to the Beach
Roll it up, toss it in the car. It only weighs four pounds so it’s not a big deal to travel with it.

Onto a Rooftop
Ever been on a roof top? Well, usually they are pretty uncomfortable. Not with a Throwbed™.

Bring the bed to the park, or carry it out onto your lawn. Throw down poolside. Use it on your deck, bring it out for sleepovers, TV watching or Scrabble playing. When the bed is not being used it can be stored in big baskets or laid out on a Chaise or guest bed. They add comfort to any room, but can also be tucked away without much fuss.

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